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Solid Perfume

Casa Figlia
  • $30.00

A solid 1oz rub on perfume with 4 different scents to choose from:

Zen: a deep and sexy blend featuring notes of lavender, sage, cedar, amber, and patchouli.  This woodsy  scent creates a soothing and grounding experience, promoting a state of inner peace and balance. 

Muse: A unique blend of Moonflower, Pink Peppercorn, Citrus and Labdanum, Muse captivates the senses with its alluring floral and spicy notes. Elevate your everyday with this sophisticated fragrance that exudes confidence and elegance.

Dream: The most delightful  and delicate blend of coconut, jasmine, sea salt, lily of the valley and sandalwood will carry you away to the most beautiful lands of your dreams.

Desert Rose: saffron, sandalwood, amber, smoke, rose.