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Spell Slots To-Do List Notepad

  • $10.00

Many things impact your productivity, especially if you live with chronic illness or variable mental health. The Spell Slots To-Do list has plenty of room for everything on your list, but lets you prioritize your top three tasks. That way—no matter how many “spell slots” you have for the day or week—you can make sure your most important quests are accomplished!

Every day is an adventure filled with quests, side quests, misadventures, and lots of planning. Map all your planning in one place with this compact notepad, featuring a versatile grid writing panel to allow you to sketch, write, or inscribe anything you need for the day!

At 4.25in x 5.5in, this notepad is the perfect size to bring your do-to list on every adventure in your purse, saddle bag, laptop case, or messenger bag, alongside your other adventuring essentials.

There are 50 pages to fill with all of your ideas and musings.

Each notepad is professionally printed with 50 sheets of smooth, high-quality paper to make writing a pleasure.

NOTE: Depending on your viewing screen, some colors may vary from the final product.