THE SHELLER thick Maryland flag

  • $25.00

The patented flat, stainless steel-mallet, picker, bottle opener. Maryland made.

Do you eat steamed crabs? Do you use a mallet or a knife? Both? What about a cool drink to go along with it?

  • Are you tired of not being able to clean your wooden mallets that keep getting stuck in the drawer?
  • Are you tired of hand washing multiple “tools” after a relaxing evening?
  • Are you looking for the perfect gift for the bride and groom or couple celebrating their anniversary? How about looking for gifts for baskets or bags at an event?

Than you need THE SHELLER!!!

  • It's a patented seafood multi tool! (US PATENT 10772338)
  • Mallet/picket bottle opener! 
  • The MALLET is FLAT- so it cracks, not smashes the claws.
  • The PICKER allows you to open your shell or get out what you missed in the claws.
  • The Bottle opener is conveniently on the tool so you never have to go searching! 
  • Flat= easy to store
  • Stainless steel= easy to clean/ dishwasher safe

But wait... there's MORE:

  • Need a butter knife for your corn? Or heck spread some jam? Use the picker! 
  • ICE PIC?! Now you’ve got one! 
  • Not only can you use THE SHELLER on steamed crabs but its great on those heavier thicker crabs and even lobster!